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  Snap Caps - Quick Connect Tire Valve Dust Caps



Have you ever lost a dust cap off of your tire's valve stem on your bicycle or automobile? If you are like everyone else in the world then you probably have. So what is the solution? Snap Caps is an evolutionary design in dust cap technology that makes it virtually impossible to lose your dust caps again.

Not only will you not lose your caps again, they quickly detach with a pull eliminating the painful acrobatics involved in tire valve access and servicing.


SnapCaps uses a patent pending technology of super strength rare earth magnets to adhere to a ferrous ring that attaches to the industry standard schraeder tire valve stem. This rare earth magnet will not demagnetize in the rugged outdoor environment and will adhere to the tire at far above highway speeds. It has been tested to stay on tires that spin up to 200km/hr, yet is able to be pulled from the stem with a simple pull. The cap will then self store on any adjacent ferrous surface such as a car fender.


SnapCaps are designed from high end machined anodized aluminum and are polished to an illustrious shine. SnapCaps will compliment the most stylish tires and will be the envy of all your buddies cars. Show your friends your new caps and see if they are still using the old twist on type. They will be anxious to follow suit in this new trend in dust cap technology along with the fastest growing way to prevent your tire valves from filling with harmful foreign debris. Remember, most motor vehicle crashes can be attributed to low tire pressure. What better way to decrease this than by making tire service so much easier?


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Abbsry Tire's trained professionals will install and warranty work, however for "Do-It-Yourselfers" installation is easy:


Installation Instructions
1. Take Cap and threaded washer enclosed and thread over valve stem until it catches. If washer catches proceed to step 4, if it spins freely proceed to step 2.
2. Unthread cap and place thinnest spacer washer over the threaded portion of the stem right up to the hub.
3. Repeat step 1.
4. Remove the Cap by simply pulling and storing on adjacent metal surface such as automobile fender.
5. Tighten threaded washer fully.
6. Congratulations you are finished.

Caution: If washer is not tightened fully it may dislodge and cause injury. Tool use may be required to fully tighten threaded washer.

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